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Easy Japanese Omelette Recipe – Japanese Style Egg Roll with Seaweed and Cheese (Tomagoyaki)

Author: Dan S Enjoy delicious and beautiful Japanese Egg Roll with Seaweed and Cheese in just a few easy steps! This easy Japanese …

Gyudon Japanese Beef and Eggs

Gyudon (牛丼) – Japanese Beef and Egg Over Rice

Give this Quick and Easy Gyudon recipe a try! Easy Japanese Recipe for Japanese Beef and Egg Over Rice. Tender beef mixed …

bacon and egg fried rice

Asian Style Bacon and Egg Fried Rice Recipes

Quick and Easy Chinese Recipes for Delicious Fried Rice in 10 mins or less! Plus great tips that will help you succeed …


Thinly sliced Pork with Ginger Sauce (薑汁豬肉)

Hands-on Time: 10 min, Total Time: 10 min. SHORT VERSION: Mix thinly sliced pork (0.5 lb) with Soy Sauce (2T), Sugar (1T), Vinegar …


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