Easy Chinese Recipes Cooking Guide

Easy Chinese Recipes from Quick and Easy Stir-Fry to Slow and Delicious Stew. Enjoy recipes with clear instructions and colorful illustrations!

In this post I would like to take your through my easy Chinese recipes and hope this can help you get the most out of my easy Chinese recipes.

What is “easy Chinese recipes”? In this blog, I definite it as recipes that is 1) easy to follow by people without any cooking experience, 2) uses ingredients that’s readily available. The focus of my blog will be Chinese cuisines but I will also introduce recipes for different parts of Asia, or even combine it with western cuisine.

The format I have developed is as followed:

  1. Time, hand-on and total. Long or short, it’s good to plan ahead.
  2. Short version for those who just want to get a rough idea of the recipe.
  3. Intro for the dish, maybe some explanation of the dish and fun facts.
  4. Tips to keep in mind when cooking. It’s good to know what to watch out for before starting.
  5. Extra steps (but not essential) to make the dish better. This way people can choose to do it the easy way or to take on some challenges. I called this “going the extra mile” (G.E.M.).
  6. Cookware required.
  7. Ingredients. The essentials and the optional.
  8. Preparation steps. This is very important. Good preparation and anticipation on what’s coming can save a lot of hassle later.
  9. Cooking steps, with the optional steps (G.E.M.) highlighted along the way.
  10. Final presentation of a finish dish
  11. A brief summary of the recipe, simplified, printer friendly version.

So there you have it, my attempts to create easy Chinese recipes. I am sure there are things I can improve, so please leave me a comment or feedback and let me know what you think. Really Appreciated!


Dan S.


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