Easy Beef Stew Recipe, Slow Cooking Chinese Style

sliced beef stew
Hands-on Time: 5 min. Total Time: 2.5 hr.
Large Pot ( 4 to 6 Qt), add Beef (Any cut, ~4lb), water (10C), soy sauce (2C), dark soy sauce (1C), sugar (1C), Chinese herbs (1 pack, optional). Bring to a boil on high heat. Skim the scum/foams on the surface. Cover and cook over low heat for 2 hours.
It’s been couple weeks since my last post, definitely not as frequent as I’d have liked. But life is busy! For the past couple weeks, I have been eating the same main dish that just take ~ 5 minutes of hands-on time, 2 hours of cooking, and I can cook very large batch at once. Perfect for busy/lazy people like me! Extremely simple and delicious! This magic dish is Chinese stew. Although I am showing a easy beef stew recipe here, the same recipe can apply to ANY TYPE OF MEAT. Yes, I do mean ANYTHING! I’ve tried this recipe on chicken (whole, leg, wings, heart, etc) and pork (and many different parts of pig such as feet, heart, ear, tongue, etc), beef (any cuts of meat, some of my favorites are beef feet, beef heart, beef tongue, beef tripe, and basically any edible parts of a cow). Some of the animal parts I tried might not be everyone’s choice, but you can definitely pick up any beef cut that is on sale and turn it into delicious stew in basically 1 cooking step. Interested in the recipe? Give it a try!
The soy sauce to water ratio can vary depending on the saltiness of the soy sauce. I recommend starting with 1 part soy sauce to 5 part water. Taste the sauce/soup after you bring it to a boil and adjust according to your taste
If you’d like to slice the beef roast into thin slices, let it cool down first.
If the meat is salty enough after 2 hrs of cooking, store the meat and the sauce separately to prevent the meat from becoming to salty.
The leftover sauce is so versatile in cooking and I will just list some of the ways to use it:
a. Add some water or beef/chicken stock to turn it into delicious beef noodle soup.
b. add some thickening agent (i.e. corn starch or flour) to make a thick sauce and pour over rice/noodle.
c. Use it as marinate or cooking sauce for stir-fry.
d. Use it just like soy sauce, which means you can basically do anything with it.
Going the extra mile (G.E.M) – the small step (optional) that takes the dish to the next level.
G.E.M. I’ve shared some extra steps in my previous post on beef shank. Click here to see more.
G.E.M. Add Chinese hot bean paste if you like your stew spicy.
– Large Pot (~ 4 to 6 qt). I recommend using a cast iron pot so it retains heat better.
– Measuring cup
– Beef (~ 4 lb total, I like to use 2 lb meat and 2 lb beef heart or beef tendon)
Units: C = Cup.
*note* relative ratio is more important the absolute amount.
– Soy sauce – 2 C
– (Optional) Dark Soy sauce – 1 C
– Sugar ~ 1 C
– Water – 10 C
– (optional) Chinese herb pack for stew – 1 to 2 packs.
Before Cooking:
Measure and mix all the sauces according to volume ratio.
Cooking Steps:
In a large pot, high heat, add beef (4 lb total), sauce mixture (soy sauce: (optional) dark soy sauce: sugar: water=2:1:1:10) until the sauce barely covers the meat.
Once the liquid reaches a boil, skim the scum on the surface, turn heat to low, cover and cook for ~ 2hr.
*note* If I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll just throw everything in the pot and turn heat to low and cover to cook for 2 to 2.5 hr. but I recommend skim the scum to get better beef broth.
easy beef stew
Cool the beef down before slicing because the beef is so tender that they will just fell apart. I also like to top the dish with some diagonally sliced scallion to add a touch of color for presentation.

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