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Welcome to my blog – Easy Chinese Recipes. I grew up in Asia and love Asian cuisine.

To be honest, it is difficult to find authentic Chinese/Asian food with a sense of “home” in the U.S. Although I still find some of the American-Chinese dishes tasty, they are quite different from what I grew up with.

So I thought, why not cook my favorite dishes myself? Well, after looking through recipes with tens of steps, ingredients that I’ve never heard of, and ambiguous cooking instructions, I was ready to give up.

But I didn’t quit! My passion for cooking and appetite for good eats far outweighs the confusing recipes.

I then started to look at these recipes more carefully and wonder if all the steps and ingredients are necessary. If I just want to get 80% of the result, can I do that with 20% of the effort? What can I do to simplify the recipe and get some early success? What are some of the tips that can make cooking easier and increase success rate? Why do these tips help? If I am comfortable with the easy recipes, what can I do to take the dish to the next level?

There are just so many questions coming through my mind when reading most of the recipes. So I decided that I will give it a shot and try to develop my own recipes.

In you are interested in cooking Chinese food the easy way, check out my Easy Chinese Recipe guide first. I explain how I develop a recipe and the flow of the recipe.

Then, feel feel to explore! I have lots of easy and delicious recipes that I tested and tasted, so you know it’s going to be good when you cook it.

Thanks for coming to my easy Chinese recipes blog!

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